upcoming show- december 18th

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today marks one week until what is one of the most exciting local shows i’ll have gone to.  next friday chugger, charles the osprey, and heavier than air flying machines are all playing together!! i’m not even kidding. jukes is hosting the show…which is actually an expunk cd release show from what i understand.  i am so stoked to see these bands together!  i haven’t seen charles or heavier than air in quite a while (far far too long in fact) and of course i also try to go out and support chugger and love going to their shows!  it should be an amazing time and if you are in the grand rapids area please check it out!  oh yea…its FREE…so no excuse not to!


currently listening to “travels”, an amazing album by the band defeater. what are you listening to?


furniture city hardcore

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hey folks! just letting you all know my buddy over at furniture city hardcore has started a blog in support of lots of michigan music and arts.  go check it out at furniturecityhardcore.wordpress.com!



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oh grand rapids hardcore.  this band, damages, has been under my radar for too long…apparently they’ve been around since 2007 but i just learned about them recently!  i ran across them on last.fm and was looking at their pictures there and on their myspace page and realized i had seen them play at the last la dispute show i had been to (which was way too long ago).  anyway they have a link to get their ep for free on their myspace page so i downloaded and love it.  solid and heavy hardcore from right here in grand rapids, mi!  check them out!

damages blog, on myspace, on last.fm

dead man’s bones

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ryan gosling’s dead man’s bones debut, self-titled album is surprisingly good!  i’ve listened to it a couple times finally and am really into it!  check this video out and go here to visit dead man’s bones’ official website!

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breaking news! chugger is on last.fm

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my good friends chugger are now officially on last.fm (best social network ever…but some people are really mean about what others listen to…take it easy people!) with some free downloads! check it out here.  and of course, if you are in the grand rapids area come check out chugger on stage. go to the chugger myspace page for show listings.

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all of the sudden..


…i love these guys

i’m sorry it took so long. anger is an amazing album, lyrically and musically, so please do listen. i will of course need to see these guys live..

click here for dangers’ official

click here for dangers’ bandcamp

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sweet post…

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…so i’m gonna link to it (its about one of those other bands i keep talking about): native are so “floor core”.  the sweet black and white picture is from the daac show the other night…or at least i’m pretty sure it is. haha.  anyways it was a sweet show…and i unfortunately missed the intersection show.  but what? native, russian circles, and young widows in kalamazoo in december?